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The Power of Your “Why”

During the month of November, I celebrated my three year fitness anniversary (YAY ME!) and, of course, I had to share that special day with social media.  I received countless messages congratulating and encouraging me, but what really made me pause and think were those messages asking what helped me stick with it.  I spent […]

Is hiring a personal trainer worth it? Absolutely!

The process of becoming healthier or regaining your health can be downright hard and, even though you didn’t want to, you’ve given up too many times to count.  Your intentions have always been good and your doctor has shared all of the wonderful benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, but staying on track has been […]

Healthy, Happy Holidays

Happy labor day everybody! For many, the holidays are synonymous with unhealthy eating.  Today, for example, many are firing up their grills with burgers, chicken, ribs, and brats with all of the trimmings.  Don’t even get me started on the desserts!  Although all of that is tempting, you don’t have to abandon your healthy eating lifestyle […]

Take the 1st Step

Our bodies are only able to conquer those things that we defeat in our minds first.  In regards to anything that a person attempts to take on, two things have proven true – a person must make up in their mind what they want to accomplish, then take that initial step towards making their dream […]