Andrea Hunt, Jackson, TN


The 1st Step Starts With YOU

I just recently joined 1st Step Fitness in August of 2016. In the short amount of time I’ve been there, I’ve already seen great results.  I lost 10 lbs in my 1st month alone! It’s been a challenging but wonderful experience so far. Loosing the weight has made me even more determined to lose more weight. I’ve learned that it’s just as much, if not more, of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. I’ve also learned a better way of eating and planning my meals. I know that my instructor cares about my mental state as well as my physical state.  If you’re thinking about losing weight and changing your life style, I would recommend you try 1st Step Fitness! Remember, the 1st step starts with you!

Erica Wooden, Jackson, TN


I took the 1st Step for ME

When I first started at 1st Step fitness, I was 250 lbs. I started off going to boot camp. After a couple of sessions, I decided that it was time to make a big, life changing step. I wanted to be healthy and fit for myself. Needless to say, after months sweating, soreness, and motivation, I am 34 lbs lighter and counting! Was it easy? No.  Were there days that I just wanted to quit? Yes!  After I saw the results of eating right and working hard, it was totally worth it! Thanks to my wonderful trainer, Kelly Boyd, I’m looking forward to smashing many more goals.  I may give her crazy looks or complain at times, but she never gives up on me & we always manage to get the job done. Thanks 1st Step fitness for everything you do!


Reggie Sims, Denmark, TN


1st Step Fitness is a proven fitness center

The trainers there are all very dedicated to ensuring that your goals are being met.  When I started 2 months ago, I weighed 195 lbs.  As of today, I have lost 10 lbs and I truly feel great!  Mr. Parker takes time with you and makes sure that all exercises are performed correctly for your safety.  I can say my health has improved and I have been taken off medications from my doctor. I look forward to working out now.  If there is anyone who is looking to improve their health, I highly recommend 1st Step Fitness!


Wanda Sims, Denmark, TN


You can’t go wrong with 1st Step Fitness

1st Step Fitness has changed my life! I have struggled with my weight for quite a while.  After a couple of months of intense workouts, meal plans, weekend homework, and motivation from my trainer, Jonathan Parker, I am seeing great results! Not only has my physical appearance changed but my self esteem and health have also been greatly affected . I am down 3 pants sizes in 2 1/2 months! I’m loving the new me and I owe it all to 1st Step Fitness!


Tamika Johnson, Humboldt, TN


1st Step is like a family

The 1st Step family truly treats their clients like family!  When I first decided to do something about my health, I wasn’t really ready to take on this journey.  I’ve had other gym memberships before but never had the motivation to use them.  When I did use them, I still felt like they were useless.  At 1st Step, I received the motivation that I needed physically and mentally to push forward in this process.  My trainer, Jonathan, and everyone at 1st Step truly care about you and your success.  I am healthier and feel better than I have in a very long time!  All I had to do was take the 1st step!  Thanks for all that you do, Jonathan, and the entire 1st Step crew!  You are greatly appreciated!


Brandon and Ali Buchanan, Jackson, TN


No gimmicks; just results!

I was running 3 miles per day, 3 days per week prior to joining 1st Step Fitness.  I had gotten to the point that I wasn’t able to lose any more weight and was not toning.  I knew it was time to change up my routine.  My husband and I joined 1st Step Fitness in January 2016.  We were given a totally different type of workout than we were used to but we loved it!  Jonathan incorporates cardio, weights, and core training into each session. The workouts are new every time!  Not only does he attend to and care about our exercise needs, he advises us on our nutritional needs as well.  We have both hit major milestones that we thought would be impossible to reach and we owe it all to 1st Step!


Adam and Terri Ledsinger, Lexington, TN


1st Step Fitness is not just your average “gym”

We joined 1st Step Fitness at the beginning of 2016 and have been extremely satisfied with the training, mentorship, and support we have received from Jonathan. We have seen great improvement in our level of fitness and our motivation. Jonathan has been very flexible with our busy travel schedules and has made “going to the gym” much more convenient, all while structuring productive workouts to meet our needs and goals. Unlike other faddish options, the exercises are challenging, rewarding, and never boring. Bottom line: Jonathan is not just our trainer; he is our coach! We highly recommend him. You will get out what you put in but 1st Step will be there all the way to help you succeed at your goals and achieve your best results.


Percynthia McLemore, Jackson, TN


My 1st steps with 1st Step Fitness

When I walked through those doors, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had seen the results of a friend who also trained there and wanted to experience the same for myself.  What I found was not a personal trainer that was solely focused on getting his clients in and out, but someone who was concerned about me as a person.  His caring and firmness has pushed me physically and emotionally.  This fitness journey has also impacted my spiritual health.  Shortly after committing to the program, I could see physical changes to my body.  The atmosphere is very professional and I feel so comfortable when I am here.  Even though we work hard, it doesn’t seem like work.  My trainer cares for his clients and is focused on the whole person, teaching his clients about the benefits of eating healthy, the importance of exercising, and getting in touch with your inner strength.  My confidence has gone up, I feel better, and I’m committed to living a healthier lifestyle using the tools he has given me.  I encourage anyone that’s looking to change their life to come in and give this program a chance.  It will change your life!  Thank you Jonathan Parker and the whole 1st Step Fitness Family!


Rhonda Pettigrew, Jackson, TN

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1st Step Fitness Changed My Life

For many years my weight loss goals seemed unattainable.  My metabolism and energy level was extremely low.  I started consulting with Jonathan Parker and attended bootcamp twice a week.  Before you know it, I was well on my way.  Within a couple of months, I was down two dress sizes and feeling like a new person.  I have been able to keep the weight off with healthy eating.  I, highly, recommend 1st Step!